Cash in Transit Service

Safeguarding Valuables Nationwide

Cash in Transit

Phoenix Armour securely transports cash and valuables within the city and between cities by surface routes and by air. The company provides plane-side service to and from international destinations for currency notes, travellers cheques, credit cards, precious metals and other valuables.


Phoenix Armour operates a vault built to international specifications and enables customers to utilize safe keeping facility over the long-term or the short-term. The vault is equipped with a security system and guarded round-the-clock.

Cash Management System

Phoenix Armour offers the banking sector the option to outsource their Cash Management System thus giving them the ability to focus their attention to their core business. Phoenix Armour can take care of counting, sorting, packing and cash feeding from a central location to the branches.

Phoenix Armour Fleet

The Phoenix Armoured truck is a vault on wheels. The fleet comprises over 650 cash vans which are all in continuous radio contact with the Phoenix Control Room.

Phoenix Armour Network

Catering to the need for secure transit of cash and valuables nationwide, Phoenix Armour offers inter-city and intra-city services in over 90 locations throughout the country.

Your Delivery Insured

Once your cash or valuables are in our custody, Phoenix Armour assumes complete responsibility. Your consignment is indemnified against loss through comprehensive risk coverage with leading insurance company.

Is Phoenix Armour Cash-in-Transit Right For Your Business?

Transportation of valuables through Phoenix Armour is not only secure but also inexpensive. In over 90 cities in Pakistan thousands of business people don’t believe in leaving things to chance. Nor should you.

Service Availability

Cash-in-Transit service is available year round, round-the-clock, including holidays, with prior arrangement.