Security Detection Systems


Security Detector Systems

Phoenix Armour (Pvt.) Limited offers security detector system & solutions. We provide you one window state of the art security and solution with international standards.


Walk Through Metal Detecting Gates

Metal detecting gate is adjustable. In the highest volume, articles as small as a paper clip can be detected and located. The user can configure the gate according to the size and weight of the article for detection to exclude error alarm for coins, keys and other very small metallic objects.


Hand Held Metal Detector

Metal Detection products for people screening and security at airports, government buildings, schools, and public facilities. For superior reliability, uniformity, accuracy and enhanced weapons detection, the walk through and handheld metal detection solutions use true digital signal processing and the latest advanced electronics.


Baggage Screening X-Ray Machines

Phoenix Armour provide you a latest technologies available for security screening to detect the presence of a variety of threats, such as weapons or explosives or illicit items, x-ray scanners screening small and large parcels, mail and carry-on bags at public buildings and mailrooms to heavy-duty, conveyor x-ray scanners for screening checked luggage’s, cargo, pallets and containers at airports, seaports and storage facilities.


Explosives Trace Detector

Portable explosives trace detector. It is the portable device capable of detecting the presence of homemade, military and commercial explosives, including ICAO taggants, plastics, ammonium nitrate, black powder, other nitrates and TATP.