ATM Replenishment Service

We Complement Customer Satisfaction

Phoenix Armour is the largest security company which pioneered CIT Service in Pakistan and which has now pioneered the ATM Replenishment Service for the banks.


Scope of ATMR Service:

The ATM Replenishment Service of Phoenix Armour comprises secure transportation of cash from a bank’s ATM feeding branch and replenishing the cash in bank’s ATMs. In addition, it includes bulk cash processing and vaulting services.


1. ATM Cash Replenishment Service

  • Replenishment of ATM-fit currency notes in bank’s ATMs.
  • Retrieval of retracted cash.
  • Balancing of physical cash with ATM counters.
  • Delivery of retracted cash and captured cards to bank’s branch.
  • Bulk Cash Processing & 24/7 vault services.

2. First Line Maintenance Service

  • Clearing of currency notes, receipts or card jams in an ATM.
  • Replenishment of paper supplies viz. Journal printer rolls, receipts rolls.
  • Minor preventive maintenance such as dusting and cleaning.

3. ATMR Service Mechanism:

Phoenix ATM Team works closely with Bank’s ATM Monitoring Cell for timely completion of ATMR services which results in maximum ATM uptime & increased customer satisfaction. After outsourcing, Phoenix Armour becomes the custodian of all ATM keys and ATM combination for a foolproof control.

The Bank can avail scheduled service without interrupting daily job functions of bank employees. Bank employees are less exposed to possible robbery or assault situations, particularly at an offsite ATM facility. Employee resources can hence be re-allocated to increase, productivity while Phoenix professionals manage day-to-day ATMR Services independently.

Phoenix Armour’s comprehensive ATM reporting keeps the bank completely informed about the Physical Cash Balancing and timely delivery of ATM records increases the customer satisfaction. Service is available during non-banking hours without the need for bank employee response. Prompt cash replenishments ensure readily available cash in the machines, which in turn ensure the customer confidence. Phoenix Armour’s ATM settlement reporting provides with a daily up-to-date view of cash position, for each individual ATM in the entire network.

Phoenix Armour’s insurance covers the liability from the time the cash is handed over by bank to Phoenix Armour, upto the time it is fed into the bank’s ATM.



  • Round the Clock availability of cash in bank’s ATMs.
  • Scheduled ATMR Services.
  • Increased ATM Uptime.
  • Elimination of risk of bank employee’s exposure to a possible robbery.
  • Reduced ATM Maintenance issues.
  • Timely delivery of ATMR record to the banks.
  • Providing ATMR Services in major cities of the country, and still expanding.